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Armadillo Grill has excellent food ! They are polite, proficient and the food is TASTY! That being said, this is the SECOND time the delivery guys (who may work for Grubhub) carry the plastic bag with the food like its a laundry bag. As a result, the gravy leaks out, the food mixes and piles up in the corner of the plate or starts to come out into the bag as well. Shame we have to tip ahead of time. Going to have to figure that one out.


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I used to dine somewhat regularly at this restaurant a few years back. I was pleased to find them on GrubHub. Their food is excellent and they have a varied menu. I have now ordered from then a. few times and i have been delighted with my orders. They are well packaged and delivery is fast.


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Phenomenal! I honestly can't say enough about this place and their food. Usually when you order a burger its small and dainty, well this burger was giant! Delectable and savory, filling as well as more then satisfying. I found my place to order from time and time again


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I love going to Armadillo Grill, I crave there fried pickles cajan style is the best! It was amazing to be able to stay at home, relax on my day off and enjoy a food that I love without having to drive to pick it up. So convenient and fast. 5 out of 5 all the way!!!


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Could not have been better even if I had fixed it myself what a wonderful treat. Can't remember the last time I had a full meal, I didn't finish this one but came very close. Most enjoyable! My thanks to all who made the meal possible. Awesome!

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Delicious, very fresh ingredients


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Delicious, fresh, any tasty!

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